Sustainability at KlaarSmithDesign

Suppliers and sustainability

I find it important to be as sustainable as possible. The suppliers and and sources I work with are carefully selected. Every new source is being picked on the basis of its sustainability statements before being added.


My main supplier of tools and materials is Cooksongold. They're my main source source for eco-silver, fair-trade gold and gemstones. More information about them can be found on their website.


Another source for ethically sourced gemstones from trusted suppliers is Kernowcraft.


Many of my briolette gemstones and I'm sure others in future come from The Curious Gem. Again a company that pays great attention to environmental and ethical issues.


The beautiful boxes your jewellery is packaged in is supplied by Westpack. As well as the eco-friendly tissue paper used in my postal boxes and envelopes.

Other sources

For all other packaging, like postal boxes and envelopes and business cards and other promotional materials I use various suppliers. Always using the sustainable option where available.


You can read a more about how I approach sustainability in my blog.