Hi! I'm Klaar

I'm Klaar and I'm the person behind KlaarSmithDesign. Thank you for visiting.

Me behind my workbench
My Tree of Life statement ring. A timeless design full of symbolism. I created this silver ring as the first piece of my new line as a full-time jeweller. Marking new beginnings, growth and positivity. A beautiful ring to wear and share. KlaarSmithDesign.

My background

I’m originally from The Netherlands. I decided to do my final teaching practice to become a primary school teacher in London and that’s how I met my husband. I was a primary school teacher in The Netherlands for nine years in what seems like a lifetime ago. And after leaving the classroom I worked for an organisation that supported teachers in various projects and I was part of the team that organised the Dutch version of World Teacher’s Day and the teacher of the year competition. In 2010 we decided to take a new journey and move back to London.

My first silver ring

Moving away from my friends and family was hard. So when we had decided to move to the UK I was looking for a way to share and create a lovely memory for my mum and me. I wanted to spend some great time together and have more than photos to remember it by. So I took her out for an afternoon making our own silver rings. We had a great afternoon, and we still wear our rings today.

And then...

I received such positive reactions from people when they realised I made the ring myself. I had such a lovely time creating it, it sparked something inside me and I really wanted to explore it further. In 2013 I went to my first silver jewellery making course, a week in which I learned all the basic skills. And that's when I really knew this was what I wanted to do all the time. So starting off with a starter pack and lots of ideas I made more jewellery at home. Gradually I set up my workshop and every spare minute was spent on creating and making jewellery, the more practice the better. And it made me so very happy.

Rain drops on leaves in my back garden.

Many things inspire me. I love going on long walks and I often notice and look at the shape and texture of flowers and leaves, the different seasons all give their own fresh inspiration. Objects like fences and architecture can also be an inspiration. Films or series set in a particular time are inspiring as well. So I sometimes use aspects of trends and designs from different eras in my new designs.

My cat Biscuit helping out during a photoshoot and looking through a large silver hoop necklace.

Biscuit is an unmissable part of KlaarSmithDesign. Working on your own can be a bit too quiet at times. So it's lovely to have Biscuit around. She loves to inspect the workbench once in a while. And she also loves to assist wherever she can, especially when it's time to take pictures. I have a separate folder of them. But luckily she mostly seems busy following the sun around the room. Having little sleeps all day and coming up for the occasional treat. Especially on busy days Biscuit makes sure you take some time to get distracted and take a bit of time off. It all couldn't be done without her.

Materials and sustainability

I mainly work with eco-silver and I have recently begun to add a bit of Fairtrade gold to some pieces. The contrast is great and it gives me more options for new designs. I work with gemstones too to add some sparkle to certain items or to create a statement piece. I love silver because it’s a great colour and it gives you so many options to create beautiful pieces. When I bought jewellery in the past I always went for silver so I’ve always preferred it I guess. 

Sustainability is something I find very important. As a designer and maker I find it important to be aware of new creating processes and materials that are more sustainable. I always aim to find sustainable materials to use. I use eco-silver, fair-trade gold and sustainably sourced gemstones as well as eco-friendly packaging materials.

My aim and focus

Handmade silver jewellery is a precious gift. It’s part of creating special personal moments and memories and they often last for generations. Because they’re handmade every piece is unique. And with timeless designs, often a one off and sometimes a personalised piece, it makes a very personal special gift. They’re all made with love and dedication, sometimes in collaboration with a customer. It’s such a great feeling when you’ve put everything into a creation that is equally loved by its new owner.

My aim is to design and create sustainable timeless and unique handmade silver jewellery to make special moments even more memorable. I’m passionate about sharing doing what I love with you. Showing we care and our appreciation and attention and working together. A lot of love and care goes into every handmade piece. So you and I can share the joy they bring to us and the people we love and appreciate. 

So, head over the shop to find that personal piece to create a new lasting memory.