Inspiring workspaces

Time for my first blog since moving into my new workshop!

When I was thinking about what to write about it had to be about workplaces and how they can inspire and are a big part of your work experience.

I know this is definitely the case for me. I work from home, so over the years I have had my workbench set up in almost every room. (that sounds bigger than it is really) And one space is definitely more inspiring and more workable than the other. 

For me it has a big influence on how I feel, how productive I am and how creative I feel. Moving into my new workshop was the best thing that's happened in a long time. Every day this past year has felt like any other, I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling that way. So, when I was finally able to have a space that was made to work in rather than trying to change a space to work for me, which never really worked, I was so excited.

Tools in the right place, not loosing materials and not having to clear everything away again at the end of the day is such a relief. It makes work a lot easier and I feel a lot calmer as well. The state of my workplace often tells you the state of my mind. I don't know if this counts for others too, but the messier my desk and room, the busier and chaotic things in my head are. So a bit of calm and quiet is such a nice thing to have.

Everything is now getting its own spot and I'm working out how this space works best for me. One side has lots of window space though and I love it. I overlook a lot of other houses and for some reason I love all those chimney's, but I'm also really enjoying the skies. From clear blue skies, although that hasn't happened a lot just yet, to clouds scattered around, a grey and rainy sky and yesterday a very big rainbow. I just love it. And to make it even better I have a flower box under one window. I filled it with plants and flowers this week and it looks wonderful. I'm hoping lots of bees and butterflies are going to visit soon. 

You may be able to tell, I 'm very pleased with the end result and the last few touches will be done in the next few weeks. Getting some plants for my shelves and window sill are part of that. 

I'll be honest, for me it's a new start after a tough year. At the moment I'm torn between getting going straight away or getting some rest in. Just enjoying this space first and then going full steam ahead might be the way to go. I do have a lot of new ideas though. So I'll finish this blog, grab a coffee and just enjoy my view for a bit.

Have a lovely day!

Klaar x

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