The spark was ignited

I'm sure everyone has had a first of some sorts these past few challenging months. I know I surely have.
Starting a new business especially at this time is quite a challenge and a bit of a roller coaster. To keep myself focused I like to go back to moments that gave me positive energy, those memories are so important and can keep you going also when times are tough.
For me one of those great moments was the very first silver ring I ever made. If you read my "About me" page you already know this, but the very first piece of jewellery I made was a silver ring. I went on an afternoon course with my mum to create a memory together. It was a few months before I emigrated from The Netherlands to the UK. Although it's not that far it does mean you won't be able to pop by whenever you feel like it, so it was important to me to create this positive memory together.
Little did I know it would be even more, the spark was ignited. It was such a wonderful afternoon and even though we were completely new to this we were able, with some help, to create a lovely piece of jewellery. It was great to be creative and make something unique.
Once I had moved I started to look into courses, I wanted to be able to create pieces myself from start to finish. Living in London made that easy and gave me the opportunity to follow a lot of courses from basic skills to new techniques. All these new techniques and materials and endless possibilities started to get the creative ideas flowing. It gave me that same positive energy and inspiration I had felt that first afternoon.
And here we are, ten years later KlaarSmithDesign is here! The spark I felt then is still here and has only grown.
I can share my passion through my jewellery. I am very interested in what everyone else's passions are. I would love to hear from you and be able to share these moments and memories with each other. So please get in touch and let me know. We can all inspire each other!
Stay safe,
All the best,
Klaar X

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