The power of relaxation

Have you taken a proper break recently?

I have to confess I didn't for a long time and I felt it. So last week I finally took one! I have to admit it wasn't really planned and I probably should have done so. But I just felt enough was enough and felt it was about time I took care of myself and give myself a break.

So that's what I did. I did keep my shop open, as it was so last minute, but apart from that I took a proper break. The first two days were hard, it took some time to really unwind and not be tempted to check on something or to 'quickly' take care of something. Do you find that when you take a break? 

The hardest thing I struggled with is what to do about jewellery making? I started making jewellery as a hobby, now it's work but of course I still love doing it, so should I tell myself it's off limits when I'm having a break? Of course my mum had wise words and said it's probably OK as long as make something as a present for someone I know or myself. 

In the end I read a lot, enjoyed the sun as much as possible, cuddled my cat, watched lots of football and rested quite a bit. And I took some time to make sure my dad was not forgotten on Father's Day. We may still be far apart but that's even more of a motivation to make sure he knows how much I care. 

Now I'm back I really notice I get a lot more done in a day. Things take less effort and my concentration is a lot better. So this really is a note to self and something I wanted to share with you. I think we all know taking a break is important and we've all probably told others they should and deserve it, but why is it so difficult to let yourself have a break? 

So, if you haven't enjoyed a break in a while, make sure you do. It may feel you can't because you tell yourself you have to plough on, but it can really give you the energy back you need. The power of relaxation is huge and we all deserve it. So if you haven't yet, why not get your diary out and plan a break? You deserve it!

Klaar x

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