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You come across the term sustainability more and more. From products to packaging, from materials to creating and recycling products. It's part of every step in a business. And it's something I'm passionate about.
As a designer and maker it's important to be aware of constant changes in the creating process and materials that are more sustainable. There may be more environmentally friendly options to what we currently use or do, and we need to find those and keep up with them. Often they are easy and simple to do. Sometimes, especially when it comes to materials they may be the more expensive option, but the more people use them, the more affordable they will become.
One of the changes I have made is using eco-friendly silver. It is exactly the same as but a bit more expensive than regular Sterling silver. It's made of 100% recycled silver products and the range of products is expanding too. We use eco-silver wire, sheet and solder and all Ecosilver products come with a certificate of authenticity from the supplier Cooksongold. We have recently started to use Fairtrade gold in selected designs from the same supplier. We're hoping chain will be available in eco-silver too.
Of course we try to be as economical as possible using all our metals, but there will always be little bits of scrap left over. Some of it can be used to create small bail to attach to a pendant and loop the chain through. And we use it to create little balls to add o designs too. The bits we can't use are gathered in a scrap pot and sent off. Our supplier offers a service where scrap silver is sent to the assay office to melted to be re-used.
The gemstones we use are from the same supplier as well as Kernowcraft. They sell ethically sourced gemstones from trusted suppliers.
Obviously when you spend time picking the perfect piece of jewellery you expect it to look the part when it arrives. That's why we have chosen eco-friendly boxes and eco-friendly tissue paper. Our supplier Westpack uses this umbrella term for all eco-friendly, organic, recycled, Fairtrade®, and FSC®-certified products.
Our postal boxes and envelopes are made from recyclable materials as well and come from different suppliers. For any new materials and products we order we take the time to investigate the most eco-friendly options available. So you can always be sure if this option is available it is the one we choose.
We try to be as transparent as possible. So if you have any questions please get in touch. You can also find this information on our website.
Klaar x

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