Something we all need is support.
Whatever you're going through a bit of support goes a very long way. I think 2020 has been a year in which everyone has needed support more than ever. And the year is not over yet. We have had to deal with challenges we maybe never thought we would have to deal with or at least ones that have been even more of a challenge because of the current situation.
Support can come in many different ways. And I think it's also important to realise that needing or accepting support is OK. It may be tough to ask for help or support but if it is something that will help you get through things surely it's a good thing. And I hope everyone wants to support others, so when you've gone through a rough patch you are ready to support someone else again as well.
It can be a little thing, a phone call to have a quick chat, sending flowers to brighten up someone's day or doing some shopping for someone who isn't able to at the moment. Especially now there are so many lovely examples of people supporting others and that makes us all stronger.
I know I've been talking in my blogs and on Instagram about supporting local businesses and that's something I'm going to do more. It's easy to just go to a big chain, whether it's in person or online, and get whatever you want. But something I've learnt in the past few months is how much of a difference it makes to a local independent business to welcome you as a customer. It doesn't matter how large or small your purchase is, the support it gives to a small business goes far beyond the money. And by supporting them they are able to support others as well. Behind every small business is a person or a team of people
So I guess my conclusion is that no matter how large or small giving support in any way is something great. It goes a long way and by supporting someone you're enabling them to support others when they're ready to. So go on, support someone who needs it right now and make that difference.
Klaar x

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