I was wondering what to write about in my new blog and I kept coming back to resilience.
We've all been experiencing a year we didn't expect. It's not a contest in who's having the toughest time, we're all facing our own challenges. One thing I do take away from 2020 already is how much resilience I see around me. And often when people are praised for it they respond by saying "well, you have to go on, there's no alternative." That may be the case but that doesn't make it less remarkable and inspiring to see how people are able to do so.
We've all needed to show more patience and maybe understanding than we have at certain times I'm sure. One thing I've seen even more than before where I live is how people are so willing to support and help others. No matter what they're going through themselves there's always time and space to think of others and that is so heartwarming to see. At more and more places near me face mask trees are popping up. People have been making masks themselves and to help others who can't afford them or don't have access to get one they're creating these spots. People who need one can just help themselves and if you have a spare one you can add it to the tree.
It's such small things that can make a massive difference in people's lives. And I'm so pleased to see these kind of initiatives in the community. It's been and still is a crazy time but this really gives everyone a boost I think. It shows people care, also about people they probably will never meet or know.
I'm sure most people's resilience has been, and probably still is tested right now. Thinking about your own situation what is the bit of resilience you've shown yourself this year? And did you surprise yourself with your resilience? I have to say I've been having some tough days. And some days I don't feel resilient at all. But when I take a step back and think of everything that has been happening this year and starting my own business as well, I am proud and pleased to know that no matter what I always do find the energy, inspiration and motivation to go on. I've found talking to friends, exercising and going for walks, cuddling my cat :-) and allowing my off days to be what they are very helpful. Even on those days where you may not feel it you are showing resilience just by sticking to it and going on.
So let's all support each other and show our resilience together. It's always easier when you're not doing it alone.
Klaar x

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