What brings you joy?
The past six months I’ve realised more and more what brings me joy. I think mainly because of that feeling you’re missing certain things in life during lockdown and social distancing. But also because we’ve had to adapt and maybe find different ways to find joy. We all need it to keep going, don’t we?
I’ve been lucky enough to have some great holidays over the years and it has been that big thing to look forward to every year. Part of it is in the planning and then once you’re there you can just forget about the world for a little while. As it’s harder to plan for a holiday now I’ve just been going through my old holiday photos. I’ve realised I don’t do that enough and it’s so great to see them again, bringing back all those great memories. It’s not the same but you do get that feeling again of how great it was. It will happen again, we just need to be patient.
Till then it’s the smaller things I focus on. My husband and I love to go Geocaching in the countryside. It’s a treasure hunt using GPS and the treasures called ‘Geocaches’ are boxes in all shapes and sizes hidden across the world. A website or app tells you where to find them. Especially the ones where you have to solve a puzzle before you can get to it are interesting. But we also love doing big loops with a lot of them hidden on a trail. It’s perfect during this time; we’ve been on a few and saw hardly anyone along the way. Chances are there’s one really near you, they really are everywhere. So it can be a quick lunchtime search too. Why not give it a go? Once you find that first one you’re hooked, or at least I was.
There is joy to be found indoors as well though. You may have seen a pic or two on my Instagram feed of my lovely and very fluffy cat Biscuit. Just spending time with her and watching her sleep brings me so much joy. It’s so relaxing to watch her and forget about everything a bit. She has definitely made a massive difference during lockdown and still does.
My husband and I have also been taking turns cooking something a bit more interesting during lockdown date night on Saturdays. Especially food we’ve had on holiday is very popular. And it’s really great to learn how to make some of them. We’re still doing it now, with Greek and Moroccan dishes proving very popular. You can make it as big or small as you like. It’s a shame eating it is a lot quicker than making the food.
Do you have old or new ways to bring some joy into your socially distanced way of life? Let’s share those ideas and inspire each other. However big or small it can make a huge difference to the way you feel and cope with this new way of life we all have to get used to.
Klaar x

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