Is it Xmas yet?

It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas....
I can hear you think, has she gone mad? Well, I haven't put up the Xmas tree just yet and I'm enjoying all the sun and warmth we get. However you can't think about Xmas early enough.
Whilst we're all probably still looking for some nice shorts or summer wear a lot of businesses are already very much preparing for Xmas. Catalogues and magazines are beginning to gather their features for Xmas during summer. And therefore I've got my sketchbook ready and I'm writing a Xmas blog on a sunny day with 31 degrees in my back garden :-)
On one hand it feels a bit strange but on the other hand Xmas is a time for all things that are good. Lovely food, being with loved ones or thinking about them a bit more, a lovely glass of mulled wine and not to forget all the decorations that make it all complete. I think we're all going through some tough times this year so it's not so difficult to imagine those moments already.
In the past I've made some Rudolph jewellery and I'm hoping to expand the range a bit. I think they're funny and like them a lot. What do you think? Stars and trees are great as well of course. And stars can be worn all year round. They're always popular and rightly so.
So let's see what I can come up with with a cool drink in my hand. I may have to watch a Xmas film to get the right vibe, or is that taking it a bit too far? Do you have a favourite Xmas symbol or a winter favourite? If you have any suggestions or requests let me know. I love to hear from you!
Klaar x

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