I'm interested to know what inspires all of you. I think now more than ever we need positive inspiration to keep us all going. With everything that's currently going on in the world it can be difficult sometimes to find inspiration and stay positive. Some days may feel like you have to try your hardest to just keep going. So maybe we need to search a bit more actively for whatever it is that inspires us.
Without wanting to sound too depressing I think it’s important to realise that having an off day is ok. It’s ok to not be ok. I’ve heard that quite a few times in recent months but I think it’s true. It can be difficult to find the balance sometimes. Trying not to be too gloomy for too long and also not pretending everything is fine when it’s not. Even though we have to stay indoors a lot and socially distance ourselves there is still a lot we can do and that’s where I get my inspiration from. A lot of people have found new ways to get in touch and entertain and share positivity.
A lunch time walk is part of my routine and we've had a pretty good spring. During those walks the past few months it was really great to see all the signs in windows supporting key workers and sharing positive messages. And of course nature was doing its thing. All the flowers and leaves with their different shapes, colours and textures are beautiful and I find them inspiring in many ways. Especially their shapes and textures have been an inspiration for some of the new jewellery I've made.
A lot of people are sharing many different photos on social media as well. I've seen a lot of gardens, pets, people's interiors and just lock down fun. It's great to see what other people are up to and how they keep going. People are showing they care, love, worry, start afresh, share with others, keep going no matter what. We’re staying connected, possibly more than ever and all of that is so inspiring to experience.
Let me know what inspires you or what made you laugh and gave you positive energy to keep going. Let’s share and spread the positivity!
Klaar x

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