Is there anything, new or something you've done for years, that gives you the headspace you need?
At the moment I think it's difficult to get away from worries and concerns. Especially with the changing restrictions giving us either more or less opportunities to go out and meet up with others. It's difficult to take up something new if you're not sure you'll be able to keep doing them. I'm interested in finding out what you have been doing to try and get away from it all and relax a bit. It's tough because the more we need it it seems the less we're able to access ways to relax and get some headspace.
I think you also need different things at different times. It can be a simple as curling up in a chair or on the sofa and reading a book, or knitting a jumper. Two things I love to do, although I still don't read enough I think.
I also love going for walks. We've been able to go outdoors and take socially distanced walks. So that's something I've tried to do every day. Especially now with the changing autumn colours everywhere it looks so beautiful. But I really love going for longer walks in the country side. That's a bit trickier at the moment, unless you have a car. I've been on a few walks with my husband and it's lovely to walk through the woods without seeing anyone. It's some fresh air and some time to try and not think about anything else. Just enjoying nature, the odd conversation and some time away from whatever it is you need to let go of.
What gives you the headspace you need? Do you have any tips for all of us? Let us know in the comments below. It would be great if we can inspire each other. Who knows, you may get some new ideas you never thought of.
Take care!
Klaar x

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