Dare to dream

It's easier said than done, I know.
But it's true, no matter what our personal circumstances are we need to have dreams to keep going I think. We need them to stay positive, stay motivated and work towards staying happy or becoming happier.
Dreams can come in different shapes and sizes and of course you should have as many as you want. I think it's good to have a few and to have them in different sizes. If you only have big dreams the risk is that it's easy to believe they'll never come true anyway and you'll never try. The great thing about dreams is that when you take that first step after thinking "What if..." it gives a great boost. And experiencing that brilliant feeling may just be the push you needed to try and go for it.
Of course for me designing and making jewellery for a living was and is a dream. I was lucky enough to find myself in a position where I'm able to give it a go. Which doesn't mean it's done and dusted and I'm there already. It's hard work and I've only just started. I learn something new every day. Some days feel wasted on issues like research (which packaging to pick was a big one!) and others feel great. Especially those days where I made some new designs and made some sales as well.
It's important to allow yourself to have an off day. And remember to be kind to yourself, especially when the self doubt starts to kick in. But then you have to brush yourself off. What's done is done and tomorrow will be another day. Taking a (short) break is very helpful too. You can't keep going all the time and a bit of rest really goes a long way.
What are your dreams? However small or big I'm very curious what you would love to achieve whenever you dare to dream!
Klaar X

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