Creating memories

With Mother's Day around the corner it's time to think about how to celebrate this moment again.
Especially now I'm further away from my parents I try to make it a special day every year. We may not be able to be together but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate it.
Creating special memories is something we probably don't do enough. The past year has been a bit of an eye opener for many people I think. Moments we never really thought of as precious in the past we would now cherish more than ever. Just being able to meet up with someone, let alone give them a great big hug, feels like such a treat we can hopefully give ourselves again in the near future.
Part of these moments and remembering them can be a piece of handmade silver jewellery. If you read this blog you're probably already interested in handmade pieces. Jewellery is widely available but a piece of handmade jewellery by an independent maker is in my eyes extra special. Whether it's a design by the jeweller or a piece made especially for the wearer. A lot of time, effort, dedication and love goes into them. A timeless and unique piece of jewellery that will last forever and can be past on to create even more new memories is something very special.
Small handmade businesses are very aware of the time and effort someone puts into choosing a piece as well. So apart from the passion and love we put into our work we are always keeping in mind how what we make will be part of someone's special moments and memories. And that's also why when you make that choice and purchase a piece I do a little happy dance. It's so much more than a purchase.
It's a real privilege to create pieces that help to create special moments and memories. Creating pieces that last and are passed on, giving them more meaning as time goes by. Something really wonderful.
Klaar x

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